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Glenfeshie Lodge is what you might call a mid-size lodge and is comfortable for up to 12 persons. Entering through the main door you’ll be greeted by a large hallway that leads to a fantastic historic dining room, a spacious Tartan deluxe living room with a large stone fireplace, both overlooking the breathtaking glen.

On the upper floor, you have 1 master bedroom with an ensuite bath-room.

1 large-bed ensuite single room. 2 single rooms which originally were for  children and 3 unique ensuite double bedrooms at your disposal. In addition, a “pilot-room” intended for private pilots, drivers, nannies, cooks or security-personnel is available

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The great people and services around you


We can’t wait to meet you and we are looking forward to doing our best to ensure you to have the most memorable experience during your stay. Glenfeshie is home to some of our experienced gamekeepers and rangers. Some have lived in the area for all their life and as outdoor people they know every inch of the estate. They know where to find wildlife either for sporting pursuits or admiring up close. They have seen many seasons come and go. The bond they have with the Highlands combined with the hospitality and skills of the staff at the lodge makes good companions for yourself and your guests.

Glenfeshie Lodge and Estate. Part of history
Part of Scotland

Glenfeshie Lodge dates back to around 1880. You arrive at the lodge by a single track road winding its way through pine forests. With every turn, you mentally leave behind whatever you were doing a short while ago. The grandness of the Glen with its wide Feshie River, forces itself upon you as you can not take your eye of the ever-changing landscape. Light and shade shifts as if highlighting one beautiful spot after the other which Mother Nature proudly wants you to see. The amazing private lodge presents itself at the most scenic location imaginable overlooking the bens (mountains) at the far end of the glen and the salmon-rich River Feshie floating by below, to the green woodlands surrounding the lodge. At first sight the lodge bears the typical Scottish 1800-architecture. Build to last for centuries, providing comfortable shelter from the elements as well as being soft on the eye with its traditional warm and cosy interior.

The simple pleasures of Glenfeshie


Maybe the best things in life are not things after all. It is special moments that will stay with you the rest of your life. A certain memorable and happy day that brings a smile to your face every time you think or speak of it. In today's hectic world we all need to switch off, breathe deeply and take a moment to recharge our batteries. Imagine being surrounded by beauty and wildlife. Hiking in the hills, freewheeling down a dirt track, dipping in an icy river, gazing up at the sky as a bird of prey soars high above – this is what freedom feels like.

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If the walls of the lodge could talk ..


It is said that the famous painting “Monarch of the Glen” by Edwin Landseer originates from this particular area. A masterpiece of British art which was commissioned by the Royal Family. It is no coincident that Landseer chose the Highland landscape around Glenfeshie for his studies of the magnificent deer that prevail over the glen.

History also speaks of Queen Victoria, whom Landseer was fond of, staying at the lodge. Royal connections have continued and in recent years the Danish crown prince, Henrik, has enjoyed the lodge along with the likes of actress Dame Helen Mirren. Furthermore, because of Glenfeshie Lodge’s unique architecture and heritage  the lodge has appeared in a number of film and series such as “The Crown” and “The Queen”.

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